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Mordekaiser is finally getting reworked

One of League’s buggiest champions will get the rework treatment

Riot Games

Mordekaiser, one of League of Legends’ oldest champions (and perhaps its most notoriously buggy), is slated for a rework, according to a Champion Roadmap video released today.

Mordekaiser was first released way back in February 2010, and was listed by Riot as a “high priority” for a rework last year. He last received a rework on Patch 5.16 in August 2015, with new visual effects for his abilities and a brand new W, among other changes, intended on bringing him to the bot lane as a carry. That was a good time to be Mordekaiser — he ended up being the second most popular champion at that year’s Worlds (behind Gangplank) — but it didn’t last long. After a few rounds of nerfs, Morde faded back into relative oblivion in solo queue (disappearing nearly entirely from pro play), and returned to his status as a niche pick.

As for the bugs, well, it was enough that a Riot forum user once compiled a post titled “All 180+ Mordekaiser bugs ranked by importance and sorted into 17 categories.”

Similarly old and previously out-of-favor champions like Galio, Urgot and Aatrox have received highly successful reworks recently, bringing them back not only into the solo queue realm but into pro play.