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New support champion teased with a mysterious book

All we really know is that the champion will be a support

Riot Games

Riot has released a teaser for League of Legends’ next champion, though it doesn’t really tell us much.

The tease came as a part of Riot’s preview for what’s on the way to the game in 2019. The tease itself was just a brief image along with a Riot employee saying, “a new support champion.” While Riot was kind enough to give us the new champion’s role, we don’t have much else to go on. The image is simply a book with a few things in the background, which could mean just about anything for the champion themselves.

If we wanna get a little speculative, there are also a few other things we might be able to learn from the image that Riot released. For instance, the book itself seems to have a deep blue gem inlaid in its cover along with a sort of magical aura that’s either somewhere in the room near the book or actually emanating from the book itself. There’s also a crystal ball sitting next to the book which might have something floating inside.

All this gives off a distinctly magical vibe, meaning we could get a mage, or at least magic user of some type. Further to the side of the frame we have more scrolls and books and an open window that gives a view of the clouds meaning that where ever this room is, it’s probably in a tower that’s somewhat high in the sky.

Along with this fuel for reckless speculation, Riot’s teaser also gives us a brief glimpse of Kayle and Morgana’s rework, a Versus event, and the new URF game mode. While we may be able to glean a few things from the picture of the book, it seems that more information will have to wait until we get some official word of who this champion is, which isn’t likely to happen until after the Kayle and Morgana reworks have been released sometime later this year.