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New Kayle and Morgana teaser shows off their wings

They’re fluffy and huge

Riot Games via Surrender@20

A new teaser image for Kayle and Morgana’s upcoming rework dropped in a preview video of what to expect in season 9. While most of the imagery in the teaser is mysterious, we can already see a few differences from the champions we have now.

For one, Morgana may have ditched her more torn and beaten wings, and now they do appear more full (and maybe usable)! There’s also significantly more wings than we’re used to seeing. While both Kayle and Morgana have two each on their back, this teaser image reminds us more of a seraph, or a being that has many wings coming from various parts of the body.

We know Kayle and Morgana should be appearing sooner rather than later, as they were listed as after the “chain champion,” Sylas. We also know that the two are being designed by Riot Games’ August Browning, the man responsible for Jinx, Vi, Gnar, Ekko, and Jhin.