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You can now check your 2018 League Year in Review

Yours probably has less Soraka on it

The long awaited Year in Review page for 2018 has arrived. Using this tool, you can type in your summoner name and see the statistics for the champions and roles you played the most, as well as recommendations on what you can do next year.

You can also look up other player’s stats, so if you want to compare yourself to a friend or a pro player, you can check out how they did. There’s also a general comparison section to check your stats next to any average from a ranked tier, which is pretty handy.

The page will tell you about all the multikills you got, big win streaks you might have been on and other notable achievements throughout the year.

Recommendations of what champions you should pick up based on your playstyle sit at the bottom of the page. If you’re stuck playing the same old champions over and over again, perhaps you should give those a try in 2019.