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Ezreal rework trailer shows the new Prodigal Explorer

And you can get a look at his skins, too!

We’ve known Ezreal was due for a small rework for a bit now. With some small changes to his kit and a major visual upheaval, new Ezreal is here! (Well, he’ll be here when the patch drops.)

In the video you can see his new model in action as well as what all his skins look like. The biggest kit change we see is to his W, Essence Flux, which now seems to add an on-hit effect to enemies that you target. Neat! Riot did note before that this was the only kit change they were looking to make for Ezreal, so this shouldn’t be surprising.

His new look also isn’t really a dramatic change to what he is on live servers now, but his model is definitely polished and now looks more modern. The neat wing-like effect from when he uses his ultimate also looks about as cool as you should feel when you fire that bad boy across the map.

His cheaper skins, like Frozen and Explorer, have definitely gotten an upgrade to make them look like more than just a chroma.

Riot Games

Ezreal’s rework should go live in patch 8.20 and will move to the Public Beta Environment cycle soon for testing.