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League has new rewards for getting your friends to play the game

Riot is encouraging players to bring in new players or old friends they haven’t seen online in a while

Odyssey Ziggs jumps out of an explosion, that he likely caused Riot Games

As a part of League of Legends’ new Odyssey event, which just started today, Riot has added a brand new reward system for players who bring their new or returning friends to the game.

In order to get your reward, you’ll have to invite a friend who hasn’t played the game since July 11. Once you do that, you can both equip the new recruiter icon in your profile and then jump straight into some Odyssey: Extraction games with them. While playing the new game mode, you’ll be able to complete recruitment missions. After you finish all of the missions, you and your recruited friend will each unlock your reward.

If you don’t have any friends that want to make a new account or have spent time away from the game, there are other ways to earn the rewards, but you didn’t hear them from us. Technically, there’s nothing stopping players who have an extra account from playing with friends on that account to help them earn rewards as long as the account hasn’t played in a couple months.

As for what exactly that reward is, Riot is giving all players who recruit friends or were recruited a free skin shard for one of the new Odyssey skins. Unfortunately, this event is only happening on North American servers for now. The recruitment event, along with all of the Odyssey content, will be available for almost two weeks, with the event ending on Sept. 24.