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Odyssey Extraction: Everything you need to know to play the new PvE game mode

Get ready to plow through some bad guys

Riot Games

The Odyssey Extraction game mode is here and it came as a complete surprise. So in order to help catch everyone up, Riot released a huge guide to the game mode.

While we don’t quite have all the information on the mode, it appears that Yasuo and his crew of space adventurers have crash landed on an alien planet in search of Ziggs. Now that they have found him, they’ll all have to survive together by collecting gold and other resources to fend off waves of enemies and transport to new areas of the planet.

There’s a lot in the guide that Riot released, so we’ve tried to make things a little more concise for you, so you can check things out and get straight into the action tomorrow when the patch is released.


This game mode is all about surviving on an alien planet with friends and you’ll have a few characters to choose from at the beginning of each match. Each champion in this section provides different benefits to their team.

  • Yasuo
  • Jinx
  • Malphite
  • Sona
  • Ziggs
Odyssey Ziggs jumps out of an explosion, that he likely caused Riot Games


This is new for a League of Legends game mode. Augments are persistent changes to each champion that players can earn over time. What that means is that each time you play the mode, you earn the ability to unlock new augments, which change your character. You can even equip different augments each time you play the mode.

Summoner Spells

These are a little different for this mode, so here’s what they look like.

Warp — Turn briefly untargetable and invulnerable as you dash towards a location. Holds three charges.

Resuscitate — Revive a fallen crewmate by standing next to them for two seconds. Exiting the area does not consume your cooldown.


These are helpful allies who don’t want to kill you. Instead they give you nice bonuses if you find them.

Ora bot — A small robot that helps collect Ora, which lets you buy things between rounds

Portal Zone — This is a small machine made by Ora bot that lets you transport to the next room of an area.

There are also a huge number of enemies, power-ups and hazards to be run into, but you’ll have to see those for yourself.

While this should be a helpful starter, you’ll definitely want to check out Riot’s full breakdown of everything in the mode.