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In-depth stats are now offered on the client

You can finally see where you stack up against other players your skill level

Riot Games

For years League of Legends players have wanted a smarter, easier, more succinct way of judging their performance on certain champions. While sites like have mostly filled that role, Riot has finally included these stats on the in-game client.

The stat tracking can break down your performance based on role or champion and can go back from midseason, the last 25 games or the last 10. When you select a category your stats are compared with those of average players for that role or champion. Even better, you can break it down to only compare you to players of a certain level, broken up by rank, or even have the system only compare you to one of the top performers in your region for either your role or champion.

While there is a little to how much these kinds of stats can tell you — after all average stats are just stats they don’t necessarily determine if you win or lose — they should still be useful learning tools for the players that are curious. Sure, they won’t exactly tell you how to get better, but knowing that you have a lower vision score or CS than average players at your level might give you a hint at where to improve.

All of these stats can be viewed in the in-game client and can also be seen on the profiles of other players.