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Nunu’s rework will keep the duo’s Consume and ultimate

With a new kit and a new name this could be one of League’s biggest reworks ever

Riot Games

Nunu has probably needed a rework for about five years now. The boy adventurer and his yeti companion are one of the few champions in League of Legends whose mere presence in the meta means that things are not in a good spot. Thankfully, the time has finally come for this duo as they are next up to get their very own VGU and it seems like they may be getting a name change in the process.

According to Riot’s Champion Road Map for August, “Nunu & Willump” are the next in line for a rework. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that the official name is changing, it certainly seems that way.

As for the kit it looks like almost everything is getting thrown out. The only exception to that is Consume, which is going to get a few changes to make it more strategic, and the duo’s ultimate, Absolute Zero, which is going to get a few tweaks to help players have a little more agency in how they use it. Other than that, it’s all new.

While we don’t know who exactly is working on this update yet, we do have a few hints from Riot employees.

This roadmap also gives us our first hint at the new champions that Riot is working on, as well as who’s up for the next big and small reworks that are on the horizon.