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Riot teases new flower mage and chained up champion in latest roadmap

Pretty and spooky, a Riot double feature!

Riot Games

Riot recently released the August Champion Roadmap, filled with information on League champs old and new. Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, lead producer of champions, revealed that Ezreal, Morgana and Kayle would be getting reworks. And while the team has previously stated that updates to old champions are currently more important than new ones, Mireles still managed to sneak two teases into a single post.

The first new champion is teased at the very start of the roadmap. All we know about them is that they’re a “colorful mage.” The image associated with them is filled with beautiful, rainbow flowers. Riot says they won’t stay a secret for “too much longer,” although the italics there have us concerned that this could be a “Riot Soon™” situation.

This new mage sounds familiar. The last colorful champion we got was Zoe, who would certainly look at home wearing those flowers. However, the symbol under the petals could point to Ionia, or even Bandle City.

Riot Games

The second champ is even more mysterious. Mireles says they have another champ “locked away, with no release date in sight.” This can, of course, be seen in two ways. There is the “we don’t know when this new champ will release” kind of way and “they’re a prisoner, so they literally don’t have a release date” kind of way. While our money is on the latter, it could very easily be both.

The flower mage will likely see the light of day before 2018 ends, but we probably won’t expect the prisoner until sometime next year.