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Ezreal, Kayle and Morgana are receiving the next reworks

Maybe old Ezreal does belong in a museum

Riot Games

A new Champion Roadmap was published on Monday afternoon, showing us what’s to come soon in terms of champions. Alongside a small image teaser of two new champions and a confirmation on what Nunu’s rework will entail, Riot showed off three soon-to-be-reworked champions! Ezreal is getting a visual and gameplay update, along with Kayle and Morgana.

Riot notes that Ezreal’s update will include tweaks to his W, Essence Flux, and his model, animations and VO. They noted that his kit wouldn't be getting a huge overhaul like say, Akali’s, as he’s held up pretty well since his release. Sounds good to us!

Kayle and Morgana will likely be getting a visual upgrade together, though they’ll receive differing amounts of changes to their kits. Riot seems pretty happy with Morgana’s kit, noting that she’ll probably get some W adjustments, but Kayle will get the bigger overhaul here, as she hasn’t been a very good champion in a pretty long time. The two reworks have been confirmed to be worked on by Riot’s August Browning, who designed Jinx, Vi, Gnar, Ekko and Jhin! He also worked on getting Rengar reverted into a healthier state.

Riot Games

Riot does note that the rework for the two sisters is far off, and we’ll get more updates about them in the next Champion Roadmap to come in early 2019. (So, no, we won’t be seeing reworked Kayle and Morgana this year.) There’s no release time attached to Ezreal, but we can probably expect to see him in 2018, since Riot didn’t mention another Champion Roadmap for him.