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Riot is looking to add a chat box to the loading screen

Now if your buddy has a toaster, you can use that time to talk


In a list of planned preseason updates, lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter notes that the team is looking at possibly adding a chat box to the loading screen.

While this isn’t the biggest change coming to the game, this means that the time you spend loading in can be used to chat with your friends, or even plan out game strategy.

If you have ever played with somebody who is perhaps loading in on an older computer, you definitely know the agony of sitting and twiddling your thumbs, waiting to get into the game. You might also be able to get an explanation of why the load in was so slow, whether it’s an old computer, slow internet or even just a regular ol’ disconnect.

Yetter does say that this is probably coming after preseason as this is more of a long-term goal.

While this isn’t the best fix for slow load times, we’re excited to pass the time in a more productive way.