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Nunu & Willump can consume champions now

Willump will gladly take a bite out of you

Riot Games

While Absolute Zero is certainly Nunu’s most recognizable ability, it’s Consume that all players seem to know him by. Nunu & Willump’s new version of Consume works much like the old. However, there is a very important key difference: Willump can now take a bite out of champions as well as monsters.

Consume is still best used on minions, dealing serious damage to any and all creatures in the jungle. But Willump’s threat is increased by his new found taste for champion flesh. Invading is always one of the best strategies for Nunu players, but Nunu & Willump have even more tools at their disposal.

It used to be that good Nunu players could only invade if they knew where the enemy jungler was or knew they could tank the damage. The addition of Consume as an ability that can be used on champions makes Nunu & Willump more threatening. While the damage and healing is halved against champions, Nunu & Willump are able to defend themselves far better than before.

However, one of Nunu’s greatest strengths was his ability to regain health when ganking a lane, using Consume on minion waves or pets. The cooldown is not changed at all based on what Willump takes a bite out of, meaning that leaning too hard into the dueling potential in Consume could leave you stranded without any way to heal yourself properly.

This change to Consume is almost entirely a blessing, but it means that you’ll need to think before you bite. You may need that cooldown again sooner than you think.