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Akali’s E can be activated again at any range ... and that’s dangerous

Be careful who you follow

Riot Games

New Akali is here and her rework seems pretty good, but there’s a hidden danger in her kit that you should probably be aware of. While she may (or may not) be a little under-tuned at the moment, the more people have to play her, the more cool interactions they find in her kit. From using her Twilight Shroud to drop turret aggro or a Rapid Firecannon to extend the range of her passive auto attack, there’s a massive number of things you can do with this champion. But nothing compares to what you can do with her E, Shurikan Flip.

At first glance, it’s pretty obvious that this ability has plenty of effects. It’s a damage skill shot, a backward dash and a forward dash that will take Akali to the target she marks, including her own Twilight Shroud. But here’s where things get interesting: Shurikan Flip’s dash has no range to it. In other words, no matter how far away Akali is from the thing she is trying to dash to, she’ll dash to it.

Teleport to the bottom lane? Yep, she’ll sprint through towers, champions and anything else that gets in her way — or wants to hurt her. Twisted Fate teleport? Sure, why not. Recall, all the way back to fountain? Absolutely. And that’s why you have to be careful who you follow.

Thankfully, even if you do choose to follow your target when your probably shouldn't have there’s a way out. You can either use your ultimate, or well ... use your flash.

Here’s a helpful demonstration by streamer and current rank one Challenger player TFBlade below.