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Nunu & Willump rework ability kit: More than just a boy and his yeti

Note the addition of “& Willump”

Riot Games

Nunu & Willump are getting reworked and they’re even going to be sporting a new name. Who was once just Nunu is now officially paired with his yeti friend Willump in name.

That being said, that’s not the only change to the duo. While they still both Consume and use Absolute Zero, some major changes have been made to their kit to make them fit in more with the other new champions.

Nunu & Willump should go live on the Public Beta Environment for testing soon and will launch in live servers in patch 8.17.

Passive: Call of the Freljord

Damaging enemy champions, large monsters, or structures increases the attack and movement speed of Willump and a nearby ally for a few seconds (prioritizing the ally with the highest attack speed).

While Willump hears the Call of the Freljord, his basic attacks cleave the immediate area for a portion of the damage.

Q: Consume

Willump takes a bite out of an enemy, dealing true damage to monsters and minions or magic damage to champions, and heals himself.

The heal is increased significantly when Nunu & Willump are low on health.

W: Biggest Snowball Ever!

Willump starts rolling a snowball that grows in size and speed. Crashing the snowball into a wall, enemy champion, or large monster damages and knocks up nearby enemies. Reactivating the ability sends the snowball forward in straight line, damaging and knocking up minions in addition to champions and monsters.

The damage and duration of the knockup increases with the size of the snowball.

E: Snowball Barrage

Nunu rapidly flings up to three volleys of snowballs for a few seconds, damaging champions and monsters and marking them Snowbound. Enemies hit by all three snowballs in a volley are briefly slowed.

When Snowball Barrage ends, all Snowbound enemies near Nunu & Willump are briefly rooted.

R: Absolute Zero

Nunu & Willump sap heat from the area around them, gaining a shield and increasingly slowing enemies as they channel. Enemies still in the freezing zone when it reaches absolute zero take massive damage, increased based on the length of the channel.

Absolute Zero can be cancelled early, and channeling from brush or fog of war won’t reveal Nunu & Willump.