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Nunu & Willump rework trailer shows the two updated best friends

Willump got some more arms

On Sunday, Nunu & Willump’s rework got teased a bit early on the Brazilian League of Legends website. A thumbnail of the new duo got posted, but now we’re able to see the full post that accidentally made its way to the site.

The trailer shows off the duo wishing on a shooting star to be big heroes — and taking down the bad guys. It looks like Nunu & Willump is keeping their Consume and another version of Absolute Zero, though their other skills are fresh.

One of the skills involves Willump pushing a huge snowball, building it up until it gets bigger, just to nuke a Brand. This skill likely ramps up damage as the snowball gets bigger.

It also seems that the champion name has changed from just Nunu to Nunu & Willump, signifying the importance of our beloved yeti friend.

We can look forward to seeing Nunu & Willump’s full release sometime this week, most likely and a live release in patch 8.17.