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Lissandra is getting a new and offensive passive

No more mana saving passive

Project Lissandra consults some technological screens to plan an upgrade Riot Games

In his Quick Gameplay Thoughts for Friday, Riot designer Andrei “Meddler” van Roon talked about upcoming changes for Lissandra, including a new passive ability.

Currently, Lissandra’s passive is Iceborn, which lets her cast a spell for no mana cost after a certain amount of time. If she impairs an enemy, the cooldown on the ability goes down. While saving mana is nice, Riot is looking into giving her something a little bit more useful.

Her passive will keep the name Iceborn, but it will do the following instead:

When a champion Lissandra has damaged within the last 3 seconds dies they become a Frozen Statue. Frozen Statues slow nearby enemies by 30%. After 2.5 seconds Frozen Statues shatter, dealing X (+Y AP ratio) magic damage to nearby enemies.

This should make Lissandra way more than a “press R and leave” champion during team fights.

This changes are tentative but we can probably see them go up for testing on the Public Beta Environment soon. After being finely tuned and tested, we’ll see it go to live servers.