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Position-based loot is coming to the store in the 2018 Pool Party event

These new Position Orbs look like a great deal

Riot Games

The Pool Party is back again for the summer and that means a special theme event. While details about the event are still rolling in, one thing we know for sure is that there will be new position-based loot that you can pick up from the store.

The new items, called Position Orbs, will be on the shop during the event. The orbs offer eon random skin shard for a champion of whatever position you choose, be it top, jungle, mid, ADC or support. These orbs can also contain a Crab Bag — another new item that contains six total skin shards one for each type of champion (assassin, fighter, mage, marksmen, support and tank), a Gemstone or a Gemstone skin.

You can buy the new Position Orbs on their own for 295 RP each, or you can buy them as a part of a bundle. One bundle will give you 11 orbs for the price of 10. Another is called the BBQ Sampler Pack and will give you four orbs of each position and a Crab Bag for 5900 RP. Another available bundle is the King Crab Bag Bundle which includes five orbs for each position, one Gemstone, one Crab Bag and a brand new Tasty Beverage Summoner Icon.

All of these will be on sale starting on August 2 and will sell for two weeks until they go away on August 13.