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Akali rework video teaser shows what she can do

She’s back and she has amazing tattoos

Update: You can now see her full kit with all the descriptions here!

Akali’s rework has been on the docket for a while now and this is the first glimpse of it we’re seeing in action.

Her new kit looks a bit confusing as there’s lots of flips and different skills involved, but it looks cool nonetheless. There seems to be turrent invulnerability involved, which is ... always fun.

Her visual rework is very different than the more mild Akali we’re used to. Her hair has gotten bigger, a bulk of her clothes has disappeared and she has huge amazing tattoos! Still, her identity as a masked ninja is the same.

Her new splash art was also shared by Jessica Oyhenart, a Riot Games illustrator, on her ArtStation. Holy smokes, Akali looks amazing and badass. (No really, we all kind of can’t get over what a BAMF she is.)

Riot Games

We can expect a full reveal of her kit and her visuals sometime soon, most likely for the patch 8.15 Public Beta Environment cycle.