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New mysterious wolf and lion teaser appears on social media

There’s also a glowing blue sword

Riot Games

The German League of Legends Twitter posted a new teaser hinting at what maybe could be a new set of skins, paired with a new Versus event.

The teaser image depicts two wolf heads, a lion head and a sword. While wolf imagery matches with a good handful of champions (Warwick, Nasus, Kindred), we’re having a hard time matching up the lion to other champions. Rengar could be a lion? Maybe it’s a loyal warrior, like Garen? We’re kind of stumped.

Around this time last year, the Yasuo and Riven Versus event took place, using similar blue and red colors, as well as a sleek metallic theme. It seems pretty likely that this might be 2018’s version of this event.

According to Surrender@20, the German translates to “Two forces meet: The lion wants to reign forever. The wolf hungers for endless War. 27.6.18 #leagueoflegends” which is pretty dang Versus-y sounding.

That being said, this is all speculation. It could be a new champion, too.

Whatever it is, we’ll probably get details on what it is soon, as the post reveals June 27 as a potential release date.