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Emote update will include new automatic options and more

Now you can have an emote go up automatically when you get first blood

Riot Games

Riot Games is adding more emote features to League, including the ability to see emotes from teammates who aren’t on your screen and more automatic emote situations.

Riot Pabro posted on the boards about the new changes. The most notable change is the toggle-able ability to display your teammate’s used emotes on the bottom of your screen.

Riot Games

This, of course, can be turned off in your settings, as that’s kind of distracting if you’re team fighting or playing a ranked game.

Riot is also adding more automatic emote options, including the ability to auto-flash an emote when you get first blood or an ace.

Emotes will all now have sound effects, too! So now everything will be just a smidgen more annoying than it was before.

From the Collections tab in client, you’ll also be able to organize your emotes alphabetically and buy emotes directly from there if you have Riot Points to burn.

These updates are set to come out with patch 8.12 and are on the Public Beta Environment now for testing.