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Atma’s Reckoning and Spear of Shojin releases delayed possibly until preseason

They were supposed to release in patch 8.12, but were pulled

Riot Games

Patch 8.12 was supposed to have some changes for fighter and bruiser champions, including two new items: Atma’s Reckoning and Spear of Shojin. However, we’ve gotten a lot of changes to roles within the last handful of patches, so Riot Games has decided to hold the item changes until things calm down.

With marksmen champions being replaced in bot lane and some unconventional picks moving to the jungle, there are a lot of bizarre new things to adjust to.

Game systems designer Lowbo noted on Twitter that Riot is indeed waiting for “the dust to settle” on the most recent patches and that the company doesn’t want to overload the players with huge changes.

Gameplay comms Paul “Aether” Perscheid said that the company is looking into releasing the items during preseason instead.

This year’s midseason has been spread out among several patches instead of just being in one huge one, but the changes have been more dramatic than any midseason we’ve had before. Riot did want to make more options viable in different positions and announced this in January, so it doesn’t seem like they’re going to revert the changes from patch 8.11. They will definitely be trying to balance it out better in upcoming patches, though.