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The EUW/EUNE Clash test is happening, but not well (update)

Clash broke again

Riot Games

Update: Riot has announced that, “due to an unfortunate error,” Clash has been cancelled for the EU West servers.

The European West and European North East Clash mode beta test started today and things are ... not going very well so far. A player reported on Reddit earlier today that their entire team was kicked out of the lobby — which of course counted as a loss for everyone involved.

This problem is only affecting EUW players and it appears that EUW servers are now down for some kind of maintenance. In the same reddit thread, players are reporting that they can’t even start a normal game on the EUW servers.

Riot games comms and Clash fiend Ben “Draggles” Forbes popped into the Reddit thread to make it clear that his team was working on a fix for the issue.

Forbes also took to Twitter to clarify that the issue is still present and that Riot is actively looking for a fix.

This new Clash test struggle comes after the recent cancellation of Clash’s first official weekend in the US.