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Get the first look at Aatrox’s rework in the World Ender video teaser

No, this isn’t DOOM

UPDATE: Aatrox’s kit isn’t officially here yet, but we do have a preview of what his gameplay is going to look like thanks to Riot’s brand new trailer for the champion’s rework.

Riot Games dropped a new video teaser for Aatrox’s highly-anticipated rework on Monday morning.

The video shows the Darkin himself — as well as his creepy sword and a guy screaming in agony. There aren’t really any details about his kit or the big changes made to it, but we do get our first look at the new Aatrox.

He doesn’t look too different from the Aatrox we have now, but he does look a bit more modernized. This is the first time we’re getting new art of Aatrox in his base skin, and it looks pretty dang good.

His sword standing among all those arrows definitely means he’s taking out an army or large group. He can’t be stopped.

Aatrox’s rework will most likely be revealed later this week and should probably make its way on to the Public Beta Environment for testing soon. If he’s on there this week, he should have a patch 8.13 release.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.