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Pyke was hotfixed and buffed due to his steep learning curve

A sprinkle of buffs among his base stats is all

Riot Games

Patch 8.11 dropped on Thursday, but a same-day hotfix was deployed later that night. Pyke ended up little bit harder for players to pick up than Riot thought he would be.

The Bloodharbor Ripper got a little boost to his base stats to help him do a little better.

BASE HEALTH REGEN 5 health per 5 seconds ⇒ 7 health per 5 seconds

BASE MANA 380 ⇒ 415

BASE ARMOR 42 ⇒ 45


That being said, Pyke should be a little bit easier for players trying to get used to the assassin-support now. These changes aren’t huge, but they’ll definitely make his laning phase a tad more tolerable and a little less mana starved.

If you need help picking up the new champion, check out our guide here. Or if you want to read more into the champion design aspects, you can take a look at our analysis here.