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Adorable new bee emotes are coming to League soon


Riot Games

Following the Beemo skin that released in patch 8.9, it seems that new bee emotes are on their way to patch 8.10.

Riot Games via Surrender@20

The new emotes, “Bee Happy,” “Bee Sad” and “Bee Grumpy” are super cute, even though bees are evil. (I mean, all three of those bees have stingers, so you know they’re actually evil. Stinger-less bumblebees are not evil.)

There is no other sign of these being part of an event, so we can assume that the emotes will cost the usual 450 RP when they make it onto the live server.

First, Beekeeper Singed, then Beemo, and now these bee emotes? What’s with all the bees, Riot? You guys draw them super cute, but ... bees? Spring is almost over and you guys are adding more bees? Is it because the new season of Arrested Development is coming out? We at The Rift Herald really need to know.

These will be available to test on the Public Beta Environment soon.