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Clash has been delayed a day in EUW, EUNE and OCE (update: Clash has been cancelled for NA)

It might be a while before Clash gets an official launch

Riot Games

Update: Clash has officially been cancelled for what was supposed to be it’s opening weekend in North America, after Riot found issues that could not be fixed.

In a statement on the cancellation, Riot apologized to fans saying, “We are sorry to tell you that we’ve decided to cancel this weekend’s Clash launch due to unexpected technical issues that appeared when rolling it out across regions earlier today.”

Just like in the other regions North American players will not lose their Clash tickets, but there is no word on when the Clash game mode will return for it’s official launch.

Original Story: Friday, May 25 was supposed to be the opening day of this weekend’s Clash event for League of Legends, but it looks like a couple of regions will have to get things started a day later thanks to technical issues. Riot announced on Friday morning that EUW, EUNE and OCE will all have their Clash starts pushed back at least a day due to several different technical errors.

In Oceania, it turns out Riot doesn’t quite know what the issue was that led to the Clash issues they are currently facing. When the regularly scheduled matches for Clash were supposed to start, they simply ... didn’t. This resulted in more than a few teams getting handed automatic losses, but Riot is looking into the issue to help get Clash back up and running this weekend for the region. The good news is, if you already purchased your ticket, it should have been auto-refunded to your account.

In the case of Europe, we don’t quite know what the underlying issue facing Clash might be. Riot has simply said that the mode will not start tonight as it had originally been schedule to. In this case, however, Riot seem fairly confident that Clash should be able to start back up tomorrow at its regularly schedule time. Just like in Oceania, all tickets will be refunded.

As for North America, Clash is still schedule to start tonight and there has been no word of any issues from Riot so far.