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Follow-up changes to jungle XP and Runic Echos coming in patch 8.11

The Rift Scuttler is still going to give all that XP, though

Riot Games

In Wednesday’s edition of Riot lead game designer, Andrei “Meddler” van Roon’s Quick Gameplay Thoughts, the designer talked about the patch 8.10 jungle changes and what tweaks to them we can expect.

Van Roon says that the Rift Scuttler will spawn a bit later next patch and that non-buff camps will start giving scaling XP to lessen up the Scuttler pressure.

Runic Echos will also be getting a bit of a boost to its power by changing its build path (from Lost Chapter to Fiendish Codex) and giving it 20 more AP.

A handful of junglers will also get tweaks described below:

Xin Zhao - lowering scaling damage (AD/level) and gank reliability (E slow %). Looking to keep early damage and dueling power intact.

Graves - less early AA damage, potentially another change.

Lee Sin - Got hit by the yellow trinket CD/duration change. Making it so his ability reactivations interact as you’d expect with CDR and giving him a bit more energy from his passive late game.

Kha’Zix - Changing R adaption back to granting additional duration and cast rather than invis on touching brush.

Possibly a few more champs (e.g. might be small buffs to Kindred, Yi, Nocturne, Diana).

Van Roon notes that Riot is still looking into jungler gold and XP changes in order to make the best changes they can. That being said, this still is all still a work in progress and may or may not end up making it on to the live servers.