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The marksmen item changes on PBE are reworking crit and how you use it

The PBE has been flooded with with hot AD carry changes.

Riot Games

It’s the middle of the season and League is abuzz with fun new balance changes and system shifts. Patch 8.9 was the mage patch, and it looks like patch 8.10 will be the AD carry patch. Riot Axes took to the forums on Tuesday to announce some new updates to the AD carry position. Thanks to Moobeat and friends over at Surrender@20, we now have a great idea of exactly what those changes entail.

Almost every single AD carry in the game is getting their armor and HP regen decreased and their base HP and HP per level increased. The changes are all, of course, tentative. However, expect a pretty big balance section for AD carries in the 8.10 patch notes.

Far more important than any minor balance changes, AD carries are also getting new items and item reworks. First up is the new item Stormrazor, which looks like a sick, lightning sword. It has two unique passives. Not attacking for 2.5 seconds will charge you up, causing your next auto to guarantee a crit. Critically striking will also increase your attack speed and movement speed for a few seconds. Stormrazor gives 65 AD and 25 percent attack speed. It builds out of B.F. Sword, Pickaxe, Dagger, and 925 gold.

Riot Games via Surrender@20

Last Whisper and it’s little family of bows is getting changes as well. The armor penetration has been changed from a bonus 35 percent to a 10 percent total. Lord Dominik’s Regards has increased in cost to 2800 total, adds 40 AD instead of 50, and has had its Giant Slayer passive removed. However, the armor penetration on Dominik’s is now 35 percent total, rather than bonus. This should make tank busting far more powerful from even earlier in the game. Mortal Reminder is getting all the same changes, the only differences being that it’s maintaining its special perks, but only does 25 percent total pen.

Riot Games via Surrender@20

All the Zeal babies are also getting a pass, although much smaller. Zeal is getting a cost increase of 100 gold, taking it up to 1300. Rapid Firecannon, Statikk Shiv, Runaan’s Hurricane, and Phantom Dancer are all going up 200 gold as a result.

Infinity Edge now operates completely differently. The new recipe uses two B.F. Swords and 1100 gold, making it seem a little expensive. To compensate, the AD has been increased by 10, giving you 80 bonus AD. IE has also lost its ability to increase your crit damage. However, it now doubles your critical strike chance and converts 20 percent of your crit damage to true damage.

Riot Games via Surrender@20

Essence Reaver is also being reworked. It builds out of B.F. Sword, Caulfields Warhammer, and 800 gold. The cooldown reduction has been increased up to 20 percent, but it’s losing crit chance and the CDR bonus based on said crit chance. However, you now regain one percent of your missing mana on hit. The new passive empowers players for eight seconds, grants bonus attack speed, and causes your basic attacks to refund 20 percent of your non-ultimate cooldowns. Note that this effect can only occur every 30 seconds (sorry, Corki).

Riot Games via Surrender@20

Blade of the Ruined King has had its gold cost decreased to 3200. The Bloodthirster is also getting 200 gold cheaper, settling it nicely at 3500. Maw of Malmortius is getting an AD increase up to 60 and an MR increase up to 50. However, the magic shield no longer scales and will simply sit at 350. Guardian Angel has a new recipe of B.F. Sword, Chain Vest, Stopwatch, and 100 gold. The AD has increased to 45 and the armor to 40. Cloak of Agility has been removed from the shop, may it rest in peace.

That’s all we’ve got so far. We’ll have to wait and see how many of these changes make it over to the live game in patch 8.10.