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Here’s why you can’t customize your profile background yet (update)

Don’t worry, it should be here soon.

Riot Games

Update 5/9: The profile background picker is now available to use in North America! You can see the original article below.

One of the additions in patch 8.9 that players have been asking for constantly over the past couple of years is the ability to change which champion shows up on the background of your League of Legends profile in the client. At least that’s what people thought.

According to the 8.9 patch notes, the feature was added with this patch. However, players quickly noticed that the button to customize their page, a small gear icon in the upper right hand corner, was only appearing for a second and then going away, or wasn’t appearing at all. Minorly outraged and scared for the safety of their new and highly anticipated feature, players quickly took to Reddit to announce the bug to Riot.

Thankfully after the thread had been up a few hours, Riot stepped in to give players a little clarification. According to Riot Ivey, there was never actually a bug to begin with.

Hi friends, this feature is being gradually enabled across regions, which is why it’s not available everywhere yet. I don’t have the specific rollout plan to share, but please be patient as the team makes it available. Sorry I don’t have more details, but didn’t want people worried it was bugged and not being addressed.

So, while you may be stuck with your boring old profile for now, soon enough you’ll be able to change your background to any champion you want.

This post will be updated when the feature is enabled for North America.