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Fighters are getting two new defensive items in patch 8.12

Uh-oh, tanky Xin is comin’

Riot Games

Fighters have always struggled against juggernauts. Whenever you pick up a Xin Zhao or a Master Yi on your team, you always have to hope and pray that the enemy team doesn’t pick up a Renekton, Darius or any other juggernaut. The CC combined with damage and health that juggernauts bring can’t be matched by the squishy-ness of fighters. Thankfully, Riot has added some new fighter items to help them out in patch 8.12.

Thanks to Moobeat and friends over at Surrender@20, we have a good idea of what these items look like on the PBE.

Riot Games via Surrender@20

Atma’s Reckoning gives you 25 AD and 30 of both resistances. For the low price of 2900, that’s not too bad. The unique passive is really the selling point here. You gain AD based on your maximum health for every second you’re in combat. This makes bursting these fighters even more essential. If you let them have the time to ramp up, these champs will be even more powerful.

Riot Games via Surrender@20

Spear of Shojin is almost the opposite of Atma’s. While only a bit more expensive, it gives you 65 AD, 200 health and 10 percent cooldown reduction. This item has two passives as well. The first reduces damage based on your AD. When in a large group of enemies, the second will cause your next auto attack to the Dragon Heart buff, which will block 200 percent of the damage you just dealt. This effect is refreshed if you get a kill.

These two items actually seem to go together really well. The HP from Shojin feeds into Atma’s, thus increasing your AD through your HP and increasing your passive reduction from Shojin. That’s a lot of gold to spend on damage reduction, but very powerful if you can manage both.

The common theme with both of these items is using defensive stats to boost offense or vice versa. Mild survivability is the name of the game, which is something fighters desperately need. But as we’ve seen with almost every fighter item Riot has ever released, these items will likely be extremely over or under powered in the first few weeks. We’ll have to wait and see when patch 8.12 drops next month.