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Pyke’s in-game bandanna has been updated to match his teaser

Well, that didn’t take long

Riot Games

Pyke’s teaser was incredibly cool, and revealed a monstrous serial killer with a wicked look. The most recognizable part of Pyke has to be his bandanna, which has a red and white, shark tooth look. The teeth in the teaser look like rad, long spikes ready to pierce anything they come across. His in-game model on the other hand looks a little more like Bower Jr. than a scary man. Well, Riot has updated Pyke’s base model to make it look more like his teaser.

Thanks to Moobeat and friends over at Surrender@20, we have a great idea of what this new bandanna looks like on the Public Beta Environment.

This comes after some small community disappointment. Players on the subreddit have been relatively frustrated with Pyke’s previous bandanna not matching his rad teaser. League Twitter has also been abuzz with new art for Pyke’s face.

Thankfully, Pyke’s toothy grin will be a little more ominous and a little less goofy once he hits live in patch 8.11.