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Clash to return every two weeks, starting with Demacia Cup

The tourneys will be themed with Runeterra factions

Riot Games

Riot released a whole ton of information on Clash Wednesday morning, including how often the tournament system will be returning. You’ll be able to duke it out against other teams with your friends every other week, which is a bit more often than anyone expected.

The tournaments will be themed by Runeterra faction, which explains the assets on the Public Beta Environment we saw earlier.

The official non-beta version of Clash launches on May 25, with the Demacia cup. Here’s the full schedule for upcoming Clash weekends, given by Riot:

  • May 25-27 : Demacia Cup 1
  • June 8-10: Demacia Cup 2
  • June 22-24: Theme 2 Tournament 1
  • July 6-8: Theme 2 Tournament 2

The one-week break between tourneys will give you and your team enough time to recoup, think of strategies and practice new champions.

That being said, the first Clash run will start in eight days, so get your friends together and start practicing!