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Patch 8.10 changed bounties and made solo carrying easier

Sorry supports, there goes your extra gold

Riot Games

One of the most popular complaints over the last few months in the League of Legends community has been the difficulty of solo carrying in the current meta. While some of the complaints may have been a little overblown, Riot does seem to agree a little bit, as patch 8.10 is making solo carrying just a little bit easier thanks to the bounty changes.

Ever since the earliest moments of Season 6, a little over two years ago, bounties in League of Legends have granted team gold, rather than individual gold. With patch 8.10, however, things are returning to their roots and bounties are going to give their extra gold to the killer only.

Here’s the full breakdown from the patch notes on exactly how the numbers will be changing:

HEADHUNTER Assists on bounty kills no longer grant bonus gold.

ONE KILL 100 gold split among team ⇒ No bounty

TWO KILLS 150 gold split among team ⇒ No bounty

THREE KILLS 300 gold split among team ⇒ 200 gold to killer

FOUR KILLS 350 gold split among team ⇒ 250 gold to killer

FIVE KILLS 450 gold split among team ⇒ 300 gold to killer

SIX-PLUS KILLS 450 gold split among team ⇒ 300 gold (+25 gold per kill beyond 5) to killer

BOUNTY CHANGE ON BEING KILLED Dying removes 3 bounty levels ⇒ Dying resets bounty to 0

What this means for most players is that if they are getting getting lots of kills and shut downs, then they are going to get significantly more gold than they were last patch. If your teammates is getting all the shutdowns, and you aren’t, then you’re likely to notice that your pocket are a little lighter than they have been in the past.

It’s still far too early to say the impact this will have on the meta, and the idea of solo carrying, but it’s certainly a step in that direction after Riot has emphasized team play over everything for the last two years.