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Pyke can’t build bonus health, turns it into AD instead

Don’t worry about him getting too beefy to kill

Riot Games

League of Legends’ newest and deadliest support has just been revealed and it turns out he has an extra mechanic from his passive that wasn’t in his champion announcement: he can’t gain extra health from any source. Instead, that health gets converted into attack damage, making Pyke even more deadly.

According to an interview Rift Herald had with Riot associate game designer Jonathan Fuller, this interaction will apply to all sources of health, not just items. “Pyke cannot get bonus health from any source,” said Fuller. “From runes he can’t get bonus health, from items he can’t get bonus health, and even abilities that grant bonus health instead grant him damage. So Lulu’s ultimate is actually a damage steroid for Pyke.”

While this will certainly affect Pyke’s ability to get tanky, he can still build armor and magic resist like other champions. That being said, based on the rest of his kit he seems like a champion that’s going to want damage more than anything else.

This mechanic isn’t present in Pyke’s champion reveal on the Riot website, but when Rift Herald reached out for comment, Riot simply said that it was a mistake that they are correcting soon.