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Pyke, League of Legends’ newest champion, teased in spooky video

Pyke is a support on the hunt for revenge.

Riot Games

It wasn’t too long ago that Riot gave us our first few clues about League of Legends’ new water-based support, but now we finally get to see Pyke in all his glory, thanks to a teaser released by the League of Legends Twitter account.

The video appears to show our new person-shaped champion falling into the maw of a giant undersea monster before transforming into something truly terrifying. Now, Pyke appears to stalk the streets looking for victims to string up for gruesome fish-based murder seeking revenge on the crew mates that let him drown.

Accompanying the video in the original Tweet was the message, “Pyke’s shipmates watched him drown. In his eyes, all of Bilgewater is guilty.” The video also has some narration where Pyke has the chance to tell his own grim story, “I remember the day I died, and those who betrayed me. Yes, I see them. I see the faces of all who were. You, you look familiar.”

According to Riot’s initial tease, Pyke is likely to be a support with plenty of play-making potential. He is also supposed to have a “deep darker thematic than most of the support cast,” which seems to be an understatement based on this video. This early teaser likely means we are going to see more of Pyke soon, when we can hopefully learn exactly what this new support can do.