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Mid-Season Invitational 2018 mission guide

Everyone loves free stuff

Riot Games

The 2018 Mid-Season Invitational is kicking off with some in-game missions players can complete to help root for their region and grab some loot.

Take Up the Banner

Win a PVP Game. Matchmade games only.

Reward: 200 Blue Essence, MSI 2018 Team Icon

The icon you get depends on what region you play in. If you play in North America, you’ll get a Team Liquid MSI icon. If you play in China, you’ll get a Royal Never Give Up icon. You get the point.

Send Forth Your Champion

Get 20 kills and/or assists in PVP Summoner’s Rift OR Get 60 kills and/or assists. Matchmade games only.

Reward: 200 Blue Essence

Fight for Your Region

Equip any MSI 2018 Team icon to earn Fandom Battle points for that region.

Win a PVP game where you placed at least 8 wards OR place a control ward in 2 PVP games.

Reward: 50 XP

This mission is repeating, which means you can do it infinitely to farm XP! Nice!

There are more missions to complete that get unlocked as you play more. They will be added here as the information becomes available.