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Unsealed Spellbook is getting reworked

Looks like the newest version is almost “open” for business.

Riot Games

Unsealed Spellbook has been pretty weird since it first launched onto the live servers late last year. First it was really bad, then it was really good? Well, good news, it’s about to change completely now.

Currently on the Public Beta Environment, there are some massive changes to the keystone. First, it’s no longer called “Unsealed Spellbook” and has now been renamed to “Open Spellbook.”


The functionality of the rune is also completely different now. Rather than use-the-shard system it has now, the swapping mechanic is now on a simple cooldown. You can also change your rune as long as you’re out of combat, even if you aren’t in fountain. However, the spell you swap to is single use. The more you swap to unique runes, the faster the keystone cools down. Finally, if you want to swap back to a spell you’ve used before, you need to use three different summoner spells first.

If that sounds needlessly complicated to you, you’re right! This should help reign in some of Unsealed Spellbook’s feast or famine nature. Assuming all the testing goes well, players should expect to see this new keystone when Patch 8.8 hits.