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Clash Beta sign ups for North America begin on April 9

Check out your client tomorrow to figure out exactly how to compete.

Riot Games

Update 4/10:

The Clash sign ups for this weekend are now live on the North American client. The first bracket starts Friday evening at either 5:30 or 8:30 PST depending on your availability, with Saturday and Sunday’s games starting at 5:30 PST. If you get a little overwhelmed looking at all the new info, check out our handy Clash guide.

Clash is coming to North America in beta in just a few days.

Clash is a game mode that has appeared several times in other regions and on the North America Public Beta Environment, but this will be the first time that the mode has come to the official North American live servers. The mode allows players to create their own team with friends or strangers, and sign up for a tournament to compete against other players around their skill level. Winners get in-game loot.

The League of Legends amateur tournament game mode will begin its sign ups in North America for the first time ever starting on April 9, with the official start of the tournament starting on April 13.