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2 new ranked tiers to be added, division 5 to be removed in 2019

No, the new ranked tier probably won’t be “Plastic” or “Wood.”

Riot Games

In the latest Riot Pls video with lead producer New001 and the /dev blog by designer Ed “Sapmagic” Altorfer, a whole ton of new information concerning League’s future came to light, including big changes to the ranked system.

Both posts note that new ranked tiers will be added to break up Bronze and Diamond. Both of those tiers are huge and the people sitting at Bronze or Diamond V have a very different amount of skill from the people sitting at Bronze or Diamond I.

In addition to these changes, each tier will have one less division. Instead of starting at five and going to one, tiers will only start at four.

These changes are all focused on Riot’s desire to make players’ ranked climb give more feedback. With more tiers and less divisions, players will be able to track how they’re doing more easily.

The video does not say what the new tiers will be called, but we can probably expect some type of precious metal or jewel name, unless Riot wants to break from the mold again like they did with Master tier.