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The Blue Essence shop returns with new goodies

New icons and chromas!

The Blue Essence shop is back until April 30 and there are a couple new additions to the shop. (Don’t worry, you can still buy Urfwick.)

First off, there are more chromas available to buy now with Blue Essence, including Mecha Kha’zix’s, Omega Squad Teemo’s, and Mecha Aatrox’s. Sweet! Keep in mind that new chromas like Badlands Baron Rumble won’t be available to buy with BE until next time. (Each chroma needs to be about six months old before it goes up for BE.)

There’s also a new set of Mystery Mini icons that include cute renditions of Nasus, Vayne, and more. Don’t worry, the set is in a separate purchase from the original series of Mystery Minis, so you don’t have to worry about wading through a bigger pools of icons just to roll that adorable puppy Nasus.

You can also gift random Mystery Mini icons to friends for BE, so if you have a friend with boatloads of BE, you should definitely nudge them a time or two.

The shop won’t be around for long, so get spending!