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A new aquatic support is coming to League


In the latest Champion Roadmap, Riot has started teasing a brand new aquatic support. They describe them as an “aggressive playmaker” with a “darker, deeper thematic than most of the support cast.” Considering we already have two watery supports in Nami and Nautilus, we’re certainly keen to hear more.

In the tease, there is mention of saving drowning allies and forcing your enemies to drown themselves which is ... spooky. The post ends with “keep your health high, your eyes to the sea, and pray you aren’t on the list.” Seems like we may be getting a support with an execute. We don’t have any other info about this new champion, but our money is on a 8.10 PBE cycle. Keep your eyes peeled, it seems like this one could come from anywhere (although, let’s be honest, this is a Bilgewater champ through and through).

The rest of the roadmap goes on to update us about the Aatrox, Akali, and Nunu updates that we’ve known about for months. While we don’t have an exact idea on the release order, it seems like we should be getting Aatrox fairly soon with Nunu just being started.

New things are happening in League of Legends, y’all. Get excited.