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Sweeping Lens has been removed, Oracle Alteration is now available at level 1

All hail Oracle Alteration!

Riot Games

If you’ve taken a look at our 5 things to know for Patch 8.8, you’ve already seen that the Sweeping Lens is dead and Oracle Alteration is the new king of ward sweeping. If you came here wondering why there are only three trinkets now, here’s what you need to know.

Those who’ve played jungle or support know how frustrating it can be waiting for Oracle Alteration to become available at level nine. Riot felt that frustration and essentially decided to axe Sweeping Lens. Oracle Alteration, that real good trinket that follows you while you sweep, is now the primary option for ward removal and is available from level one.

What does this mean? Well, it means that once you get your Sightstone you can back and swap to Oracle immediately, rather than trying to check your level every time you hit the shop. Thankfully, this is made even easier by another change from this patch. Your trinket will now maintain the cooldown of the previous trinket you had when you swapped, rather than going on 100 percent cooldown.

Swapping your trinket should finally feel like an upgrade and not a punishment. Now you have no excuse not to sweep wards.