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Ahri’s kit was tweaked and given a new passive ability

Vastayan Grace sounds cool, but what does it do?

Riot Games

If you’ve seen our 5 things to know for this patch, you’re already aware that Ahri has gotten some love in 8.8. Almost all of her abilities have been touched in one way or another, but she was given a completely new passive.

Vastayan Grace is Ahri’s new passive. If you’re able to hit a single champion twice with spells within 1.5 seconds, you’ll gain a 20 percent movement speed boost. This effect has a nine second cooldown. This should allow Ahri to move quickly more frequently, helping her get in for a kill and helping her escape with aggression.

Because of her new passive, Orb of Deception has also gotten somewhat of a rework. You no longer gain movement speed on cast, but you do gain charges each time it hits an enemy (up to three per cast). On your ninth cast, Ahri will heal herself a bit for each enemy hit, just like her old passive.

Fox Fire is getting a cut to its mana costs and will now fly toward charmed targets more frequently. The range against those priority targets has also been slightly increased. It will now take a little bit longer for Fox Fire to lock onto non priority targets as well. This should make the spell a bit more reliable.

Charm is back to its old damage amp ways. The base damage has been slightly decreased, as has the AP ratio. However, Ahri will deal 20 percent extra damage to a charmed enemy for five full seconds. Spirit Rush, on the other hand, has gotten barely any love. It’s base damage has been nerfed a bit but the damage ratio has been buffed.

Overall, these changes should help Ahri get a leg up on the heavy CC competition. We’ll have to check back in when 8.9 launches to see how fast the original Vastayan can fly.