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Phreak and Kobe are coming to League in a new announcer pack

They may not be Draven, but still.

Players have been waiting for an alternate League announcer pack for years. Not just like one year either, it’s been one of the most requested additions to the game since before Season 3. Well, it looks like players may finally be getting their wish. But instead of a sick Draven announcer pack or my personal dream, Blitzcrank, we’re getting two casters: the doofy duo of Kobe and Phreak.

Thanks to SkinSpotlights, we have a full voice sample of this new announcer pack. Kobe and Phreak cast the game together and have all sorts of weird things to say. As you can imagine, there are plenty of jokes and weird side tangents to keep you entertained. If you wanted to listen to Kobe really hit the philosophical questions about what a minion even is, than this is the voice pack for you.

It’s currently unclear as to what the hell this thing actually is. Is it something for us to play all the time? Is it a purchasable voice pack for the game? Is it just for MSI? We aren’t really sure yet. All that matters now is that it exists, and that’s pretty weird.