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LeBlanc has been temporarily disabled thanks to a bug in her kit revert

Turns out her ultimate’s 7 minute cooldown wasn’t exactly intended .

Riot Games

Update: LeBlanc has been re-enabled and it looks like things are back to normal.

Patch 8.8 may have only gone live this morning, but it’s already got a problem, specifically with the newly reverted LeBlanc. She has been temporarily disabled just hours after the patch went live. Thanks to YouTube user Fayaz, you can see the exact bug that caused her to get disabled.

While it’s hard to tell exactly what happens and why, it certainly looks like LeBlanc’s ultimate gets a seven minute cooldown if it’s used to copy her W. In reality, Mimic’s cooldown is supposed to be between 60 and 30 seconds, clearly making this bug a pretty big deal.

LeBlanc is Riot’s most recent attempt to revert some of the changes that went through back in November of 2016, when they reworked quite a few assassins who ended up worse than they started. Just like with Rengar earlier this year — another release that started pretty buggy — LeBlanc’s kit got changed all the way back to its pre-rework state, and got some numbers changes to compensate. Unfortunately, the rework didn’t exactly get out to a great start, thanks to this new bug.

There’s no word on exactly when LeBlanc will be reactivated on live servers, but hopefully Riot will have things sorted out within the next couple of days, and LeBlanc will be back to her former glory.