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Iron Skin and Mirror Shell are being combined in a new Resolve rune

Do you like early game health and late game damage?

Riot Games

Riot appears to be testing some new runes on the Public Beta Environment. Thanks to our friends over at Surrender@20, we can see that Chrysalis has made its way onto League’s test environment.


60 health is quite a bit when the game first starts. While it of course loses a ton of value as time goes on, a small buff to your health in the first few levels could mean first blood for you. The interesting thing about this rune is what happens when you finish building it up.

Being able to trade in a tiny amount of health for a item’s worth of AD or AP is pretty decent. Keep in mind that nine AD sounds like very little but it’s only one AD off a Long Sword. While a single Long Sword won’t make a late game difference, it can be very influential in trades. If you were to take this top lane as Maokai, that extra 15 AP might make an extra dent in the mid game.

The addition of Chrysalis on the PBE also sees the removal of the small and boring Iron Skin/Mirror Shell runes. While it’s unclear when these changes could hit live servers, they could certainly show up as early as Patch 8.6.