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LeBlanc is getting reverted back to her old kit

Here’s exactly what that means.

Riot Games

Ever since her rework back at the beginning of season 7, LeBlanc has been in a bit of an awkward place.

In order to encourage counter play and prevent the instant burst she was once known for, LeBlanc was given a passive called Sigil of Malice which forced her to wait 1.5 seconds activating her burst damage — this was a solution that left both parties unhappy. Such a long wait for her burst meant she was never quite a real assassin, but if she was strong enemies could never really get away from her either.

Thankfully, Riot has decided, much like they did with Rengar earlier this year, that it’s time to undo almost all the changes that the assassin update made to LeBlanc. For a more detailed breakdown of each of LeBlanc’s abilities you can look below.

The new (old) abilities

Passive — Mirror Image

When LeBlanc falls below 40% maximum health, she bcomes stealthed for 1 second and creates a clone of herself, which lasts for 8 seconds or until killed.

Q — Sigil of Malice

Deals magic damage and applies Sigil of Malice for 4 seconds.

Damaging the marked target with any other ability consumes the Sigil, dealing bonus magic damage.

W — Distortion

Dashes to target location, dealing magic damage to enemies in the target area.

For the next 4 seconds, seh can activate Distortion again to return to her starting location.

E — Ethereal Chains

Launches a chain that shackles the first unit hit to LeBlanc, dealing magic damage and granting True Sight of the unit.

If the target remains shackled for 1.5 seconds they are rooted for 25 seconds and take magic damage.

R — Mimic

LeBlanc mimics her most recent spell, casting it again.

Each ability’s damage is altered in its mimic form.