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New Keystone Rune: how Conqueror works

8.6 is giving us our first new keystone.

Riot Games

Patch 8.6 is bringing a brand new Keystone Rune to the Precision tree. It was in testing for quite a while on the Public Beta Environment, but it’s finally ready for the live servers. Conqueror is a new rune specifically designed for long engagements and prolonged fights. Based on some of its unique properties, it also seems uniquely suited for high damage, long engagement brawlers like Tryndamere or Yasuo.

The rune itself has a pretty complicated description. When you first enter combat, a timer begins to tick. Once you’ve been fighting for four seconds, your next basic attack against an enemy will grant you extra attack damage. This AD will stay with you for three full seconds and will cause 20 percent of your damage to be true damage.

For melee champions specifically, the damage buff is completely refreshed if they can auto attack their target within the Conqueror window. This should theoretically be perfect for the bruisers that can last the full duration. For ranged champs with quick attack speed, it could also be perfect for beefy tank busting in the mid to late game.

You can now check out Conqueror for yourself on the live servers.