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Kai’Sa got some big buffs in Patch 8.6

Finally, our newest champ might be ... good?

Riot Games

Kai’Sa has had a less than stellar couple of weeks and has widely been regarded as a sub-par AD Carry. Thankfully, Riot has been kind enough to give Kai’Sa a bit of extra help in Patch 8.6. Let’s take a look and keep our fingers crossed.

Kai’Sa’s base attack range has been increased by 25, which should make fighting on her a bit more realistic. Her passive is also getting a much needed buff. The stacking of Plasma now does a bit more AP damage. Kai’Sa’s passive detonation deals more damage per 100 ability power as well.

Her Q has also seen a range increase. For those of you out there who just love to build AP on Kai’Sa, this ability also scales better off magic items.

Void Seeker’s AP ratio has been reduced to fit with the buffs to Kai’Sa’s passive.

Kai’sa’s E cast time has also been reduced significantly. Baseline, it now takes 1.2 seconds to fully cast. Once you’ve upgraded your attack speed, the ability will now cast as quickly as 0.6 seconds. The movement speed bonuses have also been upgraded. At a minimum, Supercharge will now speed you up by 55 percent at base scaling up to 75. At the maximum, the movement speed bonus will be 110-150 depending on the level.

Kai’sa’s ultimate is only getting a small buff, but it should make a difference. The cast radius has been increased by 25 units. The shield from her ultimate is now applied when Kai’Sa casts Killer Instinct and still lasts for the full three seconds after the dash ends. This should keep Kai’Sa healthy as she travels.

Here’s hoping that these buffs make big difference for Kai’Sa this week!